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China Commerce Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. was founded on February 15, 2007, and designated as sugar import business enterprise, which was established by integrating the Import Department, the Sugar Department and the Futures Department of China Commercial Foreign Trade Corporation.

  The company specializes in the import and export, as well as the direct sale and retail of sugar, food-related raw materials and food additives in China. The company´s existing products are divided into two types: those in large packages and those in small packages. Large packages are used for the import and export of sugar, which mainly includes raw sugar, refined Korean granulated sugar, Gold granulated sugar, refined Australian granulated sugar, Indian sugar, Thai sugar and so on. The ones in small packages are used for the company´s own brand "Tianren". "Tianren" series of candy products are sold in Lotus Market, New World, Niujie Muslim Supermarket Restaurant, Huimin.cn (e-commerce) and other major shopping malls and supermarkets. In 2018, it settled in supermarkets such as Victory, Lianhua and China Resources Vanguard in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In 2018, the annual sales of small packaged bags of sugar increased by 25% year-on-year. 

  In terms of the marketing, logistics and storage of large packaging products, our corporation has an efficient channel for storage and transportation to guarantee the import and export of sugar. Moreover, we also have a nationwide marketing network, a professional system of integrated import entry, customs clearance, storage and delivery, as well as a moisture- and erosion-resistant storage capacity of hundreds of tons. All these guarantee that we can satisfy the diverse demands of our customers wherever they are.

  The company departments are: import and export department; sales department; commodity business department; futures department; business supermarket department. Import and export department is engaged in sugar and related products import and export business. Sales department is responsible for related products sales business. Commodity business department is involved in sugar supply chain project research, expand upstream and downstream resources and quality customers,  regularly follow up new customers requirements and so on. Futures department is engaged in sugar futures business as well as domestic and international sugar market data collection and analysis. Business supermarket department is responsible for the company´s "sweet people" brand series sugar products sales, supply and  management in the country´s major shopping malls and supermarkets.

  China Commerce Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.. adheres to the "integrity-based, quality first, customer-serving” principle, pursues superior quality, so as to assure you the taste of life’s sweetness.

  Telephone: 008610-66095613

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