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Corporate Culture
it emphasizes the personal integrity and corporate goodwill, and the company makes a full integrity promise to the shareholders, staff and society.
China Commerce Group has no requirement that all staff should be cleverest, but they should be good at learning, getting rid of the stale and taking in the fresh, advancing with the times.
A practical action is better than a dozen of programmes. China Commerce Group advocates the working style of being pragmatic, starting from now and doing solid work. Engaging in idle theorizing and indulging in exaggerations are not recommended.
With the changing market, policy, need, rival and enterprise itself, no a profit or management mode will last forever. Innovation is to make greater progress, continuously pursue progress, and work better.
Be concerned about the staff’s growth and progress; actively build a harmonious and equitable work environment; take effective measures to standardize the labor, improve the salary and welfare, maintain physical and psychological health and pay attention to the career development and planning, in order to continuously improve the labor relations, increases the value of its staff and realize growing together between the staff and enterprise.
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