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Sugar Processing
Introduction about Tianjin sugar factory of CCSC

The factory located in a convenient transportation area,50 km from Tianjin port, 24 km from Tianjin airport, 12 km          from Tianjin city, 70 km from Beijing.


The area of refined sugar factory is 120 mu, covered area is about 80 thousand square meter. Raw sugar processing capability is about 1000 ton per day and 300 thousand ton per year. Factory can produce refined sugar 199.5 thousand ton, soft sugar 87.245 thousand ton, molasses 10.2 thousand ton, small package sugar 20 thousand ton every year .

Project schedule

The project is under construction now, expected trying to produce sugar in the second half of 2016. This project, which is according with state industrial policy and development plan, is strongly supported by Tianjin government. The industrial park, where the factory located has perfect basic facility, potential market and  anti-risk capability.

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