Newsletter: our company completed the first vector design drawing after the CCSC trademark was appro
Release Date:-0001-11-30

After the trademark "CCSC" of class 30 "sugar, pastry and cereal products" registered by our company was approved, the first 25 kg packaged sugar vector design drawing was recently completed through the unremitting efforts of the design team. The package continues the concise design style of our 30kg "sweet man" large package.

"CCSC" is the English abbreviation of Zhongshang Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. the use of this trademark has the following important significance: first, with the help of valuable goodwill assets, it is conducive to strengthening the brand effect of Zhongshang Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. Second, it is conducive to enriching the product front of our own brand and enhancing our market competitiveness. Third, it is conducive to Transforming Customer Satisfaction and loyalty to our products and services and enhancing customer stickiness. Fourth, it is conducive to improve the operation and management level of our company and enhance the marketing initiative.

In the future, our company will continue to work hard on its own brand products, vigorously promote its own brand products, enrich its product lines and specifications, and expand and strengthen its own brand.


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